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Hi! My name is Christianne Tremblay. I have been passionate about dog since I was a kid. I have been a cross over trainer  for more than ten years now and I love it. I’m an ex military, don’t worry I will not have you marching in a single file, and we will not do bootcamp unless your dog want to, mouhaha. I have been canicrossing, dog trekking, dog scootering, bike-joring for over 10 years now and I love it and my dogs also love it, we have fun together. I created this club so people can have fun with their dogs and also keep in shape and keep your dog out of trouble.

Everything that will be taught to you will always be done with safety in mind. Safety for you and your dog.  Did I mention already that dogs are my passion?  Hahaha!! Yes they are.

You and your dog need little fun in your life! Well, come and join us. Give it a try. There are different groups for dogs and people! 

I invite you to look at my credentials from time to time, my list will change, because there is always something new to know about dogs. That’s the way I am. The good part about this, you and your dog will benefit from that. 

My credentials

Diploma of ''Advanced Canine Nutrition and Fitness'' by correspondance with the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, July 2007

1 day workshop « Structure in action » with Pat Hastings, judge for the AKC,  October 2006

2 days seminar « Coaching the canine athlete » with Chris Zink DVM PhD,  November 2007

2 days workshop « Breeding better dogs » with Carmen Battaglia, Dr judge and breeder,  May 2008

3 hours workshop on ''Canine Tellington Touch''  « Canine TTouch » with Sonia Labarre TTouch practitioner from Ani-mo-tion

One day workshop on ‘’Vaccination'' with Dr Jean Dodds,  September 2008.

Seminar ''Chicken academy one’' with Jean Lessard et Yannick Dion, September 2012

Seminar: ‘’Obedience training with the clicker'' with Danielle Gauthier De Varennes, September 2012

2 days seminar with Roger Abrantes, September 2012

1 day seminar '’ Help! My dog is scared.'' with Danielle Gauthier De Varennes, October 2012

1 day seminar ‘'My dog think!'' with Danielle Gauthier De Varennes, October 2012.

1 day seminar ‘’The good and bad of vaccination'’ with  Danielle Gauthier De Varennes, November 2012.

1 day seminar ‘’Raw feeding for the dog.'’ with Danielle Gauthier De Varennes, December 2012.

1 day workshop with  Simon Gadbois,  February 2013.

1 day seminar: ‘’Help! My dog is bad!'’ with Danielle Gauthier De Varennes,  May 2013.

2 days seminar with Kathy Sdao,  August  2013.

First Aid Course ‘’Dogsafe canine first aid’’ with Michelle Sevigny, July 2015.

1 day seminar ''Arousal, Impulse Control & Problem Behavior'' with Ken McCort, April 2016

3 hours Mountain Bike course (helping in bike-joring) with Paul Meiklejohn, July 2016

2 days workshop with Antony Le Moigne (world champion 2 times,  France champion 4 times, European champion 2 times )

I’m autodidact (Many many books and DVDs under my wings)

Can’t wait to meet you and your dog!

Archy, Malou, Snoopy and Christianne

© Copyrighted Christianne Tremblay 2015