K9 athlete looking for a home

This page is for a SPCA or rescue organisation that would like to advertise a dog with lots of energy that would love to be in a family that love urban mushing. (It is FREE)

Hi, my name is Jazz

I'm a healthy female, spayed, microchipped and house trained dog.

I'm a Border Collie/Lab Mix with Springer Spainel. 

I'm two years old

I'm about 60 to 65 pounds about 22 inches at the wither.

Owner: She is the love of my life and with no fault of your own. I have health issues that I struggle with. This is the only reason I would like to place Jazz in a wonderful loving sports minded home with no children. Yes, I will be selective for the right home for Jazz.

Loves to swim in the lake, pool or pond and dock dive as well. Plays Chuckit very well and absolutely loves it.

Some Frisbee playing and she enjoys it. Jazz is a great soccer dog and makes a great goalie. Jazz loves to run along beside my recumbent three wheel bike. Jazz loves running along side my three wheel ebike, that goes 22MPH, she has rode on my ebike between my legs as well.  Jazz was born a natural runner and is thrilled to run.

Jazz is great off leash, good with most other dogs. She has not have much experience or exposure with children.

Jazz is crate trained, but also sleep on a blanket beside my bed sometimes. Wherever I go Jazz is right there with me, unless I’ve instructed a down stay. Jazz has some experience  with basic agility and works amazing and loves it.  I also use her natural environment to offer her agility. It’s amazing what you can find just outside. Jazz has been in a kayak with me as well. Again not instructions were needed. She got in before I was totally sitting in the kayak. This dog loves to try anything and everything. Jazz is good in off leash dog parks, but mostly keeps to herself. She will play with other dogs too, and likes it. Absolutely full of strength, endurance and she is a lively and happy dog.

She loves car rides, I live 401 and Weston rd area.  I’ve not seen any signs of separation anxiety. I can go out for 6 to 8 hours at a time and Jazz is fine In her crate. Of course this is after she is exercised. 

Jazz is not crazy about vacuuming but is much better. She used to not like my juicer or blender but has over come it and it fine. Thunder doesn’t seem to bother her or fire works. 

Things that will get her a little frightened is loud humans, smokers and people who try to touch or get in her face if she doesn’t know them. People she knows she is great with. I just use calm when introducing her to new people. If she barks I have her sit and we take it slow, but not a big issue in the way I view her. She is diffently a working breed dog in a good way. When I’m just walking her I just say no barking, or move on. I will have her sit and focuse on myself. Even on the off leash trails, I call Jazz when joggers or bikes or children are coming and Jazz’s forces is on me. She will look but will stay put until I release her and most time with a treat and times with verbal praises or a high five, yes she does high five.  I don’t see her behaviour over the top at all. But she isn’t a Golden Retriever or lab that says hi! to all humans, if that makes any sense.

For information: 
cmartel384@gmail.com  or 647-762-2113. The dog live in the region of York, Ontario

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