Before attempting to do this sport, your dog should learn the commands while you are going to be on foot first and be good with his commands. It could be easy to get injured if you try to put your dog in front of your kicksled before prior training.
. What is kicksledding?

A. Kicksledding is a really well known winter dog sport.  It is a sport where a harnessed dog or team of dogs are attached by a towline to a sled and they have to pull and run ahead of the sled and the driver. The driver give word of command. This is a great winter activity.

Q. What you will need for this sport?

A. A good pair of warm boots that you can run with. A kicksled that has a break and a joring line with bungee.

Q. What your dog will need to start this sport?

A. A special harness made for this type of sport. A wheel dog harness is best for this type of sport. For recreational use (ie short distances) many people have use X-Back type harnesses with no problem. Don’t forget that a wheel dog harness can only be use for kicksledding, you will need another type of harness for all the other joring sports. A wheel dog harness might be a good choice if your dog run sideway(crabbing) or if you don’t want to put weight on the hip of the dog. Howling dog Alaska make wheeled dog harnesses.

Q. What level of training you and your dog will need to start this sport?

A. First of all you need to be good and confident in yourself on a kiclsled . You and your dog will need to have completed the Intro to canicross course for your safety, the safety of your dog and others. This is a demanding sport so you will have to start with your dog slowly.

Q. What breed of dog you need for this sport?

A. Any breed, any dog that loves to jore(pull). 
Q. What size of dog can do this sport?

A. Dogs that weight 14 kg and up are good candidate. Don’t forget to respect your dog rhythm. Don’t forget it is a team effort you have to help your dog. 

Q. When can a dog start doing joring sport?

A.  It depend on the breed of the dog. Every breed/dog is different, it is hard to say for sure, dogs don’t come with a label. The larger they are the longer the growth plate will take to end their growth therefore it will take longer to start joring sport. The smaller they are the faster their growth plate will reach their growth. The best is to wait until the plates have finished their growth. If you are not sure, ask your vet. 
Q What are other similar joring sport?

A. There is not a similar sport to this

You would like to know more about kicksledding  than join us in a try out. You know that you would like to practice this sport, well than, why don’t you take a workshop. This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to start this sport safely with your dog.

For the human and for the dog. The human should be seen by a doctor prior starting an exercise program, ask him if the program will be appropriate for you. Same thing with your dog. You should see the vet about the new exercise program that you will be starting with your dog to know if it will be appropriate.

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