. What is canicross?

A. Canicross is about running! Canicross has a European origin, cross meaning moving ,cross country with a ‘'cani’’ canine friend. This sport originated from the sport of mushing and also skijoring (people were being pulled by horses before they started using dogs) This sport is a union between one or two dogs to a human interconnected with a bungee line. The human has a specific joring belt as for the dog a specific harness made especially for this type of sport. This is the perfect sport to develop a symbiosis between a human and a dog. This sport consist of running and by being pulled by the dog. The human is the driver, directing the dog from behind with voice commands.

It is a great way for a person that like to run or walk to get fit, with his canine friend. It encourages people and their dogs to take part in outdoor activities and meet other people that have the same passion.

The goal of this sport is to gaine forces and speed from the dog to increase its running cadence. Did you know that really good team can reach speed between 18 to 20 km/h on distances between 5 to 6km.

The best time to practice this sport is during the cooler temperature autumn, winter and spring. It can also be done during warmer temperature but it is your responsabilities to monitor your dog, because a dog can easily suffer from heat exaustion. You have to choose the right time and the right place and  where to exercise your dog so it will be easier for him. If you can go close to a lake or a small river, it would be a nice place to stop to cool down a bit in between. When the weather is getting over 20°C you should think about choosing to walk instead or choose another sport instead.  Summer is the time when your dog should recharge his batteries.

During winter don’t forget to choose the right clothing and footing for you and your dog like little boots and winter coat for your canine friend.

To do this sport you and your dog need to be able to run. At first it can be walk/run.

It is important that you and your dog have to be healthy and active before starting canicross. If you are concern for yourself please check with your doctor and also check with your vet for your dog.This is really the best thing to do.

Q. What you will need for this sport?

A. A canicross belt, poop bags, a water bottle, a dog portable bowl, a good pair of running shoes, cellular for safety. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Q. What your dog will need for this sport?

A. Your dog will need a harness, a collar, a medal with the info if he get lost. During winter, dog boots, a coat if your dog need this type of equipment or if it is really cold

Q. What type of training you and your dog will need for this sport?

A. At first we start the training while walking as we progress we start going faster and faster.
This sport can be demanding so you will have to start with your dog slowly.

Q. What breed of dog can do this sport?

A. Any breed, any dogs that love to walk/run can do canicross. 

Q. What size of dog can do this sport?

AAny size dog can canicross just don’t expect them to have much capacity to pull you if they are from a smaller size. But yes a lot of smaller breed love to be in front and think that they are pulling you. Dogs of smaller size can pull in pair.  But if your dog likes it. Why not? They can have lots of fun too. Dogs that weight 14 kg and up are good candidate. Don’t forget to respect your dog rhythm.

Q. When can a dog start doing joring sport?

A.  It depend on the breed of the dog. Every breed/dog is different, it is hard to say for sure, dogs don’t come with a label. The larger they are the longer the growth plate will take to end their growth therefore it will take longer to start joring sport. The smaller they are the faster their growth plate will reach their growth. The best is to wait until the plates have finished their growth. If you are not sure, ask your vet. 
Q What are other similar joring sport?

A.  Snowshoeing also trekking.

You would like to know more about canicross, than join us in a try out. You know that you would like to practice this sport, well than, why don’t you take a canicross workshop. This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to start this sport safely with your dog.

Important!! For the human and for the dog. The human should be seen by a doctor prior starting any exercise program, ask him if the program will be appropriate for you. Same thing with your dog. You should see the vet about the new exercise program that you will be starting with your dog to know if it will be appropriate.

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