Joring sports

What is joring? This is a Norwegian word meaning to be pulled or driven by a dog while walking, running, skiing, biking etc.

You would like to start a joring sport with your dog! I would like to advise you that it could be important for your safety and the safety of your dog to take a course because it would be easy to get injured especially if you are planning on using wheels or skies. Many people injured themselves badly including dogs because they didn’t have a basic course. Don’t forget when you jore with your dog, he is the one driving you, this is why it is important that you and your dog learn how to do it before getting in the real stuff.

Joring can be really exiting. The importance of doing it right from the start! If you or your dog get injure from the start it will be really hard to get back at it. If you think it is going to be easy…just think squirrels or other stuff that attract him like a magnet, your dog has to be able to resist the urge while you jore with him  and no there is no prong collar, choke, electric collar, halti allowed. This is team work!!

The joy of being outdoor, practicing a sport with your furry friend with other teams that have the same passion.

Some of you might be concern about your dog pulling once he learn to jore. By using different gear your dog will learn the difference between going for a walk or joring.

You are not sure if you are going to like it, come and try one of our free 1 hr canicross trial. 

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