Bikes, bike antenna,scooter etc.

In this section, I’m placing the bike, bike antenna/bikejore extender, scooter, cross country skate, kicksled and mountainboard.


What kind of bike, would be best to use for bikejoring? A mountain bike if speed is your interest or a fat bike if you want to practice your sport in the winter and on softer ground.  I would suggest hydraulic brake because of better braking power. You should choose the proper size bike for your body conformation and size. You should practice to drive this bike and be really comfortable to ride on it before getting your dog to pull it. A fat bike is really stable due to the large tire. I would choose an aluminum frame compare to carbon fiber. Aluminum is still light but if you fall or hit a tree  with a carbon fiber bike you could easily damage it, it is very expensive to have a carbon fiber bike fix. Suspension is also good to have if you are going to ride where there are rocks and roots. Doesn’t have to be full suspension a hard tail will do a good job.   

Bike antenna

There are different products on the market. This type of product is use so the line is not going to get caught around the wheel. The bar itself is not stiff on the bike. Why are you asking? Because if the dog would decide suddenly to follow a squirrel the whole front part of the bike would follow the dog and you don’t want that.

By having a spring, rubber bushing or a bar that is soft (pliable) it would give you a foot, a foot and a half to play with what is happening. Some of those bar are easily removable when you don’t need them. Some are light and other are heavier. Make sure you know the size of your head tube or head set because this is where you will have to install your bar attachment. Depending of the type of product your are looking for it might or might not fit. Don’t forget for the product I have in store, you have to attach your line directly to the head tube. You have to pass the line through the hole. For the single line that I have in store, the bungee will be close to your bike. If you a the double line, the bungee will be close to your dogs. Don’t forget to choose the right product for the frame you have i.e.: carbon fiber or aluminum. In my shop I have 3 different products.

If you have a dog that is not a puller you can go with a product that attach under you seat. There is a bar and a bungee section to that product and when you don’t need the bar you just have to undo the clip and the bar come off easily.

There is another product on the market that has a retractable line which is also a nice option if you don’t like to have a line that hang in front of you.

You should never attach a line to the handle bar or have a leash around your wrist. Think about it, if your dog see a squirrel or another dog. You could really injure yourself and your dog. I repeat when using a pole or an antenna the line should always be attach to the main frame and pass through the hole of the pole.


The scooter can also be call footbike. In Europe the scooter is well known. There is a lot of scooter races in Europe. Here in Canada we mostly see them in dogs sport. When we start racing dog’s on wheels it is easier to start on a scooter than a bike because if you think that you are going to fall, it is easier and faster to dismount from a scooter than a bike.

There are different scooter on the market. City scooter, speed scooter, folding scooter, all terrain scooter. It is better to do this sport on dirt road or path if you are exercisng your dog. Why are you asking? Because it is easier on the dog’s paws than asphalt especially if you have an intense puller. 

So where are you planning to train with your dog? On a dirt path, cross country.

If you are planning to go in the woods, you will have to think about the height of the platform, the clearance under will have to be higher than a speed scooter because it will be easier to clear roots, rock or such elevated obstacles. Their should be holes in the platform to let the dirt or mud to fall down, this way the platform will not be slippery. Some scoooter have wide platform and some are narrower. Your scooter could also have shocks front or back or both. Breaks are usually disk or hydraulic. There is a few model that have a brush bow in front, this is the part where you attach the joring line. Some people like to have a bike antenna in front instead, since there is a spring or rubber bushing compare to a brush bow.

You should always wear an helmet on a foot scooter for your safety.  Me, I like also to wear mountain bike gloves, the one that have knuckles protector, because sometime it happen that you can come too close to a tree.


Cross country roller blades

Cross country roller blades look similar to normal roller blade but the wheels are bigger and there is 1 wheel in front and one in the back. It is a mixture of roller blade and cross country ski. What is nice about those is that you can use those on fine gravel road because of the size of the wheels.This is a sport that can be done on rock dust of even on grass.  Again being more gentle on the dog’s paws. You can use poles if you wish.

For your safety you should always wear an helmet, elbow, wrist and knee pads.


A Mountainboard is similar to a skateboard but with bigger wheels, you have straps that goes over the front part  of your shoes and you can have one hand break that goes with your board, as you ride you have the break handle in one hand. The handle is connected to the brake with a wire, the same wire that you have on a bicycle.

For mountainboard joring you would need a canicross belt, a bungee line, your dog with a canicross harness. A variation to this would be that you use a line with a handle like waterski so if you fall you can let go right away but you will need a good recall from your dog

For your safety you should always wear an helmet, elbow, wrist and knee pads.


A kicksled is a small sled that look similar to the wooden musher sled but in a smaller size. In the last few years different kind of kicksled have appeared on the market. Some are still made of wood with a different look. And some are made of aluminum. Usually you can attach 1, 2 or 3 dogs to the sled. Some sled don’t come with a breaking system. Make sure you have one, some are sold separately from the sled. You can fold most of them for transport. Some have a seat in front, so a children could sit there but I would not do it especially if you have powerful dogs or if you are new to this sport, If you do so, has the kid wear an helmet please.

Important!! For the human and for the dog. The human should be seen by a doctor prior starting an exercise program, ask him if the program will be appropriate for you. Same thing with your dog. You should see the vet about the new exercise program that you will be starting with your dog to know if it will be appropriate.

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