Maintenance, storage and inspection

Maintenance for your belt, leash, lead line, joring line, collar and harness

Why wash your equipment? To keep it in good condition as long as possible.Dirt (sand) and dust that accumulates on the nylon will cause friction, this friction will cause premature wear of your leashes, lines etc. That's why it's important to wash them from time to time or as needed. I like to wash my leash, joring line, collar etc. by hand because that way I can simultaneously inspect everything for a weakened seam, tear, wear etc.

For nylon straps

I use a small soft brush and I place the item in the sink, I run water on the item and then I put dish soap like Palmolive, Dawn on the item, I brush, then I rinse thoroughly and I repeat if necessary. I lay the item on a towel or hang it on the clothes line. I like to use dish soap because of the degreasing power. I use warm water especially if I have a bungee type elastic in the line.

Synthetic nylon line rope type

You will need a bucket or sink filled with warm water and soap dishes like Palmolive or Dawn.

Dip your line in the water. You will need both of your hands (so to join) push together the rope so as to open the braided rope to be let out debris, dust, sand that would have gone inside the rope. Soaked in water and stir vigorously. Rince.

Synthetic materials (harness and belt)

For harnesses and belt made of synthetic materials, I also wash the harness by hand. I use a dishwashing soap. I rinse thoroughly and I repeat if necessary. Hang to dry.


For stubborn odors use vinegar and/or baking soda those two products are natural and miraculous.I have managed to remove cats urine odor of new running shoes that I left outside. I put baking soda in a nylon stocking. I placed the nylon stocking over where there was urine for a few days and that was it. The smell never came back even with the sweating.


Always inspect the equipment before using it. This is for you and your dog's safety. Check for wear and tear. Check all the seams, the bungee, the buckle, ring, carabiner and snap.

Storing the equipment

You should always store the equipment away from sunlight and heat. Heat could damage the bungee/elastic/rubber. If the equipment is damp or wet hang to dry. Especially if you store your equipment in a plastic storage bin, you wouldn’t want moldy equipment getting in contact with your dogs.

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