Canicross harness

Urban mushing sports are growing really fast. By looking at pictures and going to some event I noticed that a lot of dogs don't have properly fitted harnesses or wear harnesses that are not suitable for urban mushing sports. Problems with a harnesses that are not properly fitted : rubbing, burning, chafing, restrict the dog’s breathing, muscle soreness, dog that doesn’t want to pull, dog that walk or run awkward.

Periodically check your dog body if there is chafing. Use harness that is designed for urban mushing sport, the harness will be padded at the right places usually around the neck and under the chest area, the point of attachment will be situated in the middle of the back or lower back/base of the tail depending on the harness.

Make sure the harness is the right size for your dog, not too small nor too large because it could rub in a certain area causing unnecessary pain to the dog. A harness that is too large will impede in the proper range of the dog's motion a properly fitted harness will not do that. A harness too small will do the same it will put pressure in the chest area. It might restrict the dog’s breathing.. Just think if you would run with shoes that are too small or too big, the same thing happens with the dog's harness. Use the proper equipment for the sport that you are doing with your dog.

If your harness has a little string at the end. This is where you have to attach the snap.

  Your dog has problem with the harness and the size seem right

-Rotate different harness from time to time.

-Take a wet harness off as soon as possible, especially if your dog is prone to hot spots. Dry the harness thoroughly before using it again. 

-Change the running spot of your dog on a gangline, if your dog runs on the right change him for the left side instead, if the dog can and if you run multiple dogs.

-Make sure the harness is not twisted.  

-Make sure the harness has been put on properly. Yes, it happens when you start.  

-Wash your harness once in a while with warm water and dish soap, rinse and air dry.

-Maybe choose another type of harness or change size if the problem is not resolved after those changes.

When choosing a harness: comfort is more important than color. If you can have both good for you but your dog will not care about the color but he will let you know if his harness is not comfortable. The performance will be affected.

These are some videos of dog in motion so you can see the importance of a well fitted harness 

 From Martin Cvetkov 

From DoggieDoubles 

From Perkin Pusat

How do I know if the harness is not right?

_Your dog could do some crabbing (walking sideway. Crabbing can also be because of other reason)
_Your dog will have fur missing where it is rubbing
_The skin will be red
_Your dog might show muscle soreness in the area where the harness sits
_Your dog might not want to go joring and usually he loves it

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