Urban mushing and fun

What are those sports all about? We are being pulled by our dog, that’s right. You know already that there are many hard pulling dogs out there, why go against their will if that is what they love to do. You love your dog, your dog likes to pull, would you like to exercise with your dog? 

On the other side, you have a dog that doesn’t pull and you are wondering if he would be a good candidate for those sports. No problem, we can teach your dog how to do it. To tell you the truth there are not many dogs that don’t like those sports if taught properly.

Those sports can be demanding depending on which one you would like to do so you and your dog needs to be healthy. You need the approval from your doctor and your vet. We care about you and we would not like you and your dog to be injured. 

If you are reading this, you might be interested in participating in one of our workshop! Do you want to know how to get started? How to teach your dog? You have some problems in some area of your training. Your dog doesn’t want to pull. Your dog is all over the place, you don’t know what equipment to buy, you not sure about how to make a training plan etc. Well you are at the right place.

The advantages in participating in one of our workshop.You will be starting on the right foot and safely. Nothing worst than teaching your dog something on your own that is wrong or by reading people on the net to find out a few months or a year later that you have to retrain your dog because you have been teaching the wrong stuff.

Also, why is it so important to take a workshop? Would you give your car key to a kid that hasn't driven before? Well, same thing with joring sport. We work from the ground up. You and your dog need a foundation. Just like building a house, if the house doesn't have a good foundation it might fall apart.

My workshops are also well structured, we cover all the important points about urban mushing sports. We also have fun and everything is done in a relaxed environment.

Is your dog going to pull all the time after when you will start those sports? If you work with different tools, your dogs will know when it is time to heel and when it is time to pull.

Those sports give you and your dog the opportunity to get fit together and have lots of fun.  You are not sure if our palette of activities would interest you. Come to one of our free try out. 

You come home after work to find your dog bored, find out that the dog broke a few things in the house, barking at everything and anything, neighbors are complaining. By trying one of those sports together,  it will maybe help fix some behavior issues, reinforce the complicity with him and also socialize him with other canine friends. Come to one of our 1 hr free try out and see for yourself.

We don’t use choke chain, prong collar, e-collar(electric/shock) or retractable leash. Why not are you asking? Because the dog is allowed to pull, he has to pull, the dog will not be punished for pulling, the opposite, he will be rewarded for it. 

The mission of the academy is to promote urban mushing sports and encourage participation. Always keeping in mind you safety and the safety of your dog. We are about assistance, we share our experiences, tricks and tips in respect with the dogs. 
I also always continue searching the net for different training method. I don't stag, I evolve. Very often we see this happening with dog trainer.

Urban Mushing Academy(Niagara K9 Joring Club) has been working on promoting urban mushing since 2015 in the Niagara region. For myself I have been doing urban mushing sports for over 10 years. Training 4 to 5 times a week with my dogs.

Have a wonderful day!

Chris (Christianne)

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